Rory Is Kill

Rory becomes Moffat's punching bag.

Rory Williams (played by Sir Arthur Darvill) also known as gayfucker666 on JewTube, is a complete asshole and huge cuck who tries his hardest to win over his childhood sweetheart, Amelia Pond, and succeeds.

He is the beloved (and long dead) son of Brian Williams.

Appearances Edit

Rory first showed up in The Eleventh Hour and was thoroughly Moffucked by the time he died left in The Angels Take Manhattan.

Career Edit

Rory has been in more than a few gay pornos, including "Can't Stop Sucking Cocks", "Your Dick Is The Key To My Back Door" and "I'd Wait 2,000 Years To Rim You!" He's fucked the Doctor on more than one occasion, once resulting in the episodes The Pandorica Opens and The Big BangMatt Smith still refuses to talk about the incident, always saying his cocaine addiction 'got the best of him.'

Musical Career Edit

Rory released his debut album Crying in the Cuck Shed in May 2010 to dismal reviews and horrifically low sales. No follow-up album has emerged to date.

Trivia Edit

  • Rory was killed in so many ways that he was eventually just immortal (fucking cunt.)
  • Rory also smokes a lot of weed. I mean, a looooot. This fucker went through three bowls in 6 hours, he couldn't stand up for a week.
  • Rory is the Mattress.
  • Rory once had sex with a fish.
Arthur Darvill Penetrating a Fish

See? I told you. A fish.

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