Rose Tyler, or, Chav Victoria, was an unemployed 19 year old British girl played by Billie Piper. She actually did have a job when she first met the Doctor but he decided that a chav with a job didn't make sense so he blew up the building where she worked. He then melted her plastic boyfriend's head and kidnapped her. Yet somehow she can still afford peroxide.

Rose was well known for her considerable rectum, her randomly shifting accent, and her infamous loves for chips and drugs.

>Mfw people actually believe that this 19 year old chav from the council estate is the Doctors one true love hahahahahahahahaha.

Background Edit

Rose travelled with the Ninth and Tenth Doctors. She was not only the most important companion ever but also the first ever companion of NuWho (although Clive was obviously superior.)

Rose lived on a shit-tier council estate in London with her mother Jackie Tyler and her boyfriend Mickey Smith. She was bored with her shit life and jumped at the chance to abandon her shit boyfriend and travel with Based Nine. After Nine regenerated into Ten the Rose/Doctor pairing blossomed into a full-blown romance much to the chagrin of autists everywhere.

Character Edit

Rose was a typical fat-arsed chav who loved drugs, dick, chips, being a bitch and cuckolding Ricky.

Appearances Edit

Rose first appeared in Rose (pottery) and stuck around until she died was abandoned with Handy in a parallel universe in Doomsday after Ten got sick of her. She reappeared throughout Series 4 and was last seen in The End of Time.

Technically she appeared in The Day of the Doctor too, sort of. Well she did say something about Bad Wolf.

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