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Absolutely disgusting.

SJWs (social justice warriors) are constantly-triggered retards who are so upset that no one takes their women's studies majors seriously that they feel the need to go on the internet defending the most retarded and simplistic version the philosophy of "social justice". This gives SJWs the feeling that they are helping to improve the world without actually doing anything useful at all. Remember in the old days, when you could write "nigger cunt bitch faggot" on someone's house in human shit without the politically correct brigade jumping down your throat? Good days, brah, good days... As a group, SJW's defer to the sacred holy text Chicks Dig Time Lords.

Story Edit


Oh look, cancer!

SJWs are the eternal scourge of /who/ not only because they are trying to ruin Doctor Who by getting the New Series to pander to them but because there is a common misconception on 4chan that Doctor Who fans are mainly SJWs because both are common on tumblr and because /who/ is not as stupidly racist as most of /tv/, /b/, and /pol/, which they take as being equivalent to SJW. I think this is unfair, as I myself am a massive racist. Like all thought-terminating cliches, 'SJW' says more about the neuroses and peccadilloes of the faintly smelly neckbeard using the term than the rather pious and overly earnest women they are slagging off. It's political correctness GONE MAD!!!!!!!

It is worth noting that the backlash against SJWs is often just as touchy and insta-enraged as the SJWs themselves. This is because all people suck, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, gender, (imagined, real or perceived), religion (or lack thereof), national origin (although we all know the British are the worst) or age. Pretty much if they're awake or in at least a semi-lucid state, people will suck and will never never stop sucking. You suck, I suck, he sucks, she sucks, they suck, hir sucks and Moffat sucks. Especially Moffat. But mostly the Swedish. It's all my mother's fault. They're all bitches. ALL OF THEM! Now excuse me while I retire to my shed, don my fedora and abuse myself to TARDIS technical manuals.

It should be noted that neither of these paragraphs are true. SJWs are really boogeymen which haunt the dreams of 4channers. The only capacity they actually exist is on Tumblr posts about Steven Universe. In this regard they are no different from God, this wiki being deleted, Micheal Grade, the gay agenda, Foreman coming out and the concept of canon.

Things that identify an SJWEdit

Alternate Interpretations Edit

  1. SJW was a term used to abbreviate Sensitive Joss Whedon when he was complaining too much about Jurassic World (in the interest of fairness that film was a bit shit).
  2. It stands for Sacagewea (which doesn't have a fucking J you shitlord).
  3. Most people who use this term are basically just Ian levine but with Jabba The Hutt's sexual politics. Or should that be Jabba The Hutt but with Ian Levine's lack of restraint?
  4. Could we stop this please and go back to jokes about Five raping Adric?
  5. None of this really matters because we're all going to die in the end.

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