Worth a few grotzits.
— Glitz reminisces about Ace


Nice futuristic sideburns.

Sabalom + 7

French for "I tapped dat ass."

Sabalom Glitz (played by Tony Selby) was a highly dodgy mercenary/pimp/used car salesman/rapist who hung out with the Sixth Doctor in The Mysterious Planet and The Ultimate Foe and the Seventh Doctor in Dragonfire.

Created by Bobby-O Holmes.

Trivia Edit

Seven managed to unload Mel onto him. Sweet.

Ploughed Ace, the dirty old bastard. Ian Briggs (wrote the first Ace story, Dragonfire) said in her character outline that she boned Glitz on Iceworld. It was referenced in The Curse of Fenric but got cut. And apparently Paul Cornell's books Love and War and Happy Endings confirm she lost her virginity to him. So this is probably all entirely non-canon, but it's still funny to visualize.

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