Jamie & Samantha Briggs

Jamie be makin' them pussies drippy.

Chandler Bing was a potential companion to Patty Tratty in the Season 4 story The Faceless Ones.

History Edit

She helped the Doctor and Jamie stop the karma karma karma karma karma chameleons, and made them come and go when they stole her brother at Gatwick airport. The Doctor was considering inviting her onboard the TARDIS (since Ben and Polly had just decided to ditch him), but decided against it because she was from Liverpool. Jamie ravaged her bitchpussy as a thank you for her help anyway though, so at least there's that.

Not long after, Steven Moffat turned up in place of her brother and Wibbly-Wobblied her back in Timey-Wimey, because that's his second favourite thing to do to people. She fell into the care of Prince Edward, got renamed Victoria, lost her northern accent and somehow became Queen, with a whole era of history named after her.

She traveled up to Scotland late in her life in the hopes that she'd find Jamie, as she was achin' for another quakin' from his rock hard time-travelling Scot cock, but she ended up finding the next best thing David Tennant instead. Sadly she couldn't get within 50 feet of him without Rose demanding her blood to spill (because Satan forbid any other woman occupies the same century as the Doctor), so she just had to settle for the werewolf.

This is all definitely canon btw, much like how Handy is definitely the Valeyard.

Behind the scenes Edit

Samantha was seriously considered to join the Doctor and Jamie as their new assistant, but Pauline Collins didn't wanna be associated with this shit show for any longer than was necessary. She gave it a second chance in 2006 but discovered it was still just as shitty as before.

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