Sara Kingdom

Ex-wife of Jon Pertwang.

Sara + Steven

Sarah and Steven loved drugs.

Sara Kingdom (played by Jean Marsh who later appeared in Battlefield and was the evil queen in the movie Willow) was sort-of a companion (probably best described as a potential companion) to the First Doctor in the story The Daleks' Master Plan.

Story Edit

Working with the First Doctor and Steven Taylor, she defeated the Daleks. Unfortunately it caused her to be time-destructed and she died horribly.

In between those wacky adventures Sara also became a house, went to Seaworld and cried about her brother inside a giant clock. Eventually the poor sod listening to her go on and on about these totally canon stories decided to ring up one of the Doctors and made him pick her up again. She died again shortly later of a cold.

Trivia Edit

Jean Marsh was married to The Pertwurst from 1955 until their divorce in 1960.