The Day of the Doctor - 50 year trailer - -SaveTheDay - Doctor Who - BBC01:01

The Day of the Doctor - 50 year trailer - -SaveTheDay - Doctor Who - BBC


Save The Day, stylized as #SaveTheDay, was a trailer that begun airing about a month or so before the colossally disappointing 50th Anniversary episode, however one could make a case that this alone more than makes up for it. It's barely a minute long and yet the creators managed to cram so much visual imagery from the previous 50 years of TV into it. The amount of detail in it is genuinely impressive, and it clearly had a lot of attention and love put into it.

Of course, if you're the pessimistic type, there are a fair few holes you could poke in it, like how the policeman tilting to one side looks like he's ripping a fart. And how the Second Doctor is completely in shadow. And that the Fourth Doctor's costume is not at all accurate to any costume he ever wore. And that the Fourth Doctor appears before the Third. Speaking of the Third, the fact that they didn't bother to superimpose Jon Pertwee's face onto the head of the stand-in. And that the Third Doctor and the Master are sword fighting inside the TARDIS, which never actually happened on TV. And that Sarah is clearly not looking at what's inside the crystal ball thing she's holding. And the fact that Sarah and K9 are the only Classic Series companions to appear throughout the entire duration. And that Clara replaces Sarah. And Clara. And Clara. And Clara. And the leaf, which isn't really that important a part of the Doctor Who lore. And that Doctors Five through Nine appear to have just been carelessly thrown in the scene together. And the fact that you can't see Sylvester McCoy's face, and it looks like he's being raped by a Weeping Angel. And that Colin Baker is facing away from the camera and appears to be in the process of dabbing to the Ninth Doctor. And that Porn Colin isn't included. And that the Fifth Doctor appears to have two different shirt collars and is missing a red stripe on the arm of his coat. And how it looks like the Silent is climbing out of D84's arse. And how it looks like Rose is stiffly tilting herself out of the way of an Ood attack. And how the creators went to the trouble of getting a body double to pose as Amy Pond but you can barely see her in the scene. Speaking of barely seeing, how far in the background Paul McGann is. And how after all this time, we still don't know who that goddamn shadowy figure facing off against David Tennant is. And how David Tennant looks way too unconvincingly-flat, especially in comparison to Hartnell and Tom Baker. And how the trailer only includes imagery from the TV show and not the books, comics or Big Finish CD covers. And how the Sonic Screwdriver Matt Smith is using is clearly the toy version. And how the Eleventh Doctor is using his goddamn Sonic Screwdriver again. And how the name of the trailer includes a GODDAMN HASHTAG.

Moral of the story Edit

Even when given something as breathtaking and wonderful as this, we'll still find a way to complain about it.

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