I know that "Mon" means "Man", but I don't think that "Och" means anything.
Russell T. Davies, on why he doesn't extensively rewrite Moffat scripts, The Writer's Tale
Capaldi rocks the bagpipes

Capaldi shredding on the bagpipes.


Delectable scottish shortbread.

Typical Scottish person

Begbie for 13th Doctor.


Oi'm fookin' scottish, me

Scotland is a country best known for alcoholism, bagpipes, haggis, shortbread, alcoholism, cross dressing, loch ness monsters, alcoholism, porridge, heroin and alcoholism. According to CNN, it's also known for pedophiles, but according to CNN, the swine flu can kill you even if you are vaccinated and so is everybody else, anybody who questions a single action engaged by a major establishment Democrat leader is part of a conspiracy, Israel has no good Jews in it, and Ted Turner is God, so one may want to consider to take a few of their claims with one or two grains of salt.

Scottish Doctors Edit

Scottish companions Edit

Scottish Mattresses Edit

Silurians confirmed Scottish Edit

In Deep Breath Twelvey complained about the Britfag accents of his companions (Clara Oswald and Jenny Flint) finding them incomprehensible. He was relieved when he could understand Vastra (a Silurian) saying he finally found someone who could talk properly.

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