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Scream of the Shalka

The Animated Doctor and Mattress.

Scream of the Shalka was a 2003 animated story-webcast thingy made during The Wilderness Years.

It starred Richard E. Grant as the Shalka Doctor and Derek Jacobi as the Mattress.

Plot Edit

Basically Rose only stretched out into a classic series style four-parter. The Doctor lands oop norf, has a chat with a crazy old homeless lady, talks to a whole bunch of people we can't possibly hope to understand (including future Queen Liz Ten and future Doctor Ten), gets screamed at by the titular lava snakes, and gets thrown into a black hole and phones his way out. In the end, the Doctor saves the day by singing showtunes and doing something eccentric.

Also features a stunningly graphic audio-rendition of a sex scene between the Doctor and the Master. No, really.

Background Edit

It was written by Paul Cornell and was probably the most notable project made between the TV Movie and the new series.

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