Seb fangirling over Twelve.

Seb was an AI interface developed by Tumblr who worked for Missy in the Nethersphere aka. the Promised Land.

Story Edit

Seb appeared in little glimpses throughout Series 8 welcoming recently dead people/robots/whatever (mostly victims of the Capaldick) to the Promised Land.

He had a juicier role in the 2-part finale Dark Water and Death in Heaven where he met the recently-deceased Danny Splink and arranged for Danny to be alone with a small boy. Needless to say, Danny was truly in heaven.

Death Edit

Vaporised by Missy for getting a hard-on over Twelve's sexy antics. Sadly never had one goddamn scene with Peatner Capone either.

The Upshot Edit

Seb added nothing to the stories he appeared in nor the overall story arc of Season 8, sadly, and didn’t even get a scene with 12 himself!  His addition to the cast reeks of the character having been shoehorned in at the last second after he phoned up his old friend P-Cap D. and begged for a part, thus stealing (and doing nothing with) scenes that rightfully should have gone to Missy to develop her better.

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