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The Series 4 Specials were four specials (no shit) that aired over the course of 2009 after Series 4 ended. They're all shit, except the good ones, which aren't canon.

Series 4 Specials: Edit

Episode Title Written by Description
The Next Doctor Russell T Davies Introduces the totally canon Doctor played by David Morrissey, along with cyber-tits and a giant fucking robot in Victorian London. BRAVO RUSTY!
Planet of the Dead Russell T Davies & Gareth Roberts The Doctor introduces the phrase "wibbly wobbly, timey wimey" and totally ruins everything forever (pretty sure that was a Moffat thing m8). God, stop saying it constantly, you autistic fucks. Also he rides a bus to another planet and meets Catwoman, who would have been a cool companion if she didn't fly away in the bus at the end.
The Waters of Mars Russell T Davies & Phil Ford Absolute GOAT special. The creepiest NuWho has ever been. Tennenanennant's shining moment as the Doctor.

Don't listen to that guy. Its actually the most overrated episode of all time. And the ending is one of the dumbest and most forced things in the entire RTD Era.

Don't listen to either of them, it's alright but David GOATNANT is best represented by Midnight.

Best Tennant is in Coldlitz, confirmed.

Don't listen to that guy. Its actually the most overrated episode of all time. And the ending is one of the dumbest and most forced things in the entire RTD Era.

Seriously the best of the S4 specials. Tennant is in top form, as is Lindsay Duncan. The Flood are wonderful monsters, the last 15 minutes truly have you on the edge of your seat. In my top 5 stories for sure. Yeah, the very, very end is forced and pretty stupid, but the story as a whole is wonderfully dark and you'll want more Time Lord Victorious by the end. Too bad we got the fucking End of Time instead. BRAVO RUSTY.

The End of Time Parts I and II Russell T Davies Return of an an old friend. GILF companion Wilf takes center stage and steals our hearts, topping it all off with freeing us from Ten at the very end, even though it meant never seeing him again Rip in piece Wilf ;_; Also there are Time Lords and James Bond. It was a shit episode, btw.

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