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Anon rates Doctors

Anon rates the fuckability of the Doctors

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Doctor Who is a chaste and innocent children's television programme.

It's funny, we've been talking about Sex on this wiki for a while now, but so far, we haven't actually had it.

A page on it, that is. (Nice save, bro.)


When a mommy showrunner and a daddy showrunner love each other very much, they sometimes get together and ruin Doctor Who forever, and nine months later a new Doctor comes along and he's terrible and is completely wrong and the show sucks now and it's just gonna get cancelled again.

Sex in Doctor WhoEdit

Were you looking for Torchwood? No? Nah, most people weren't.Edit

Sex doesn't happen in Doctor Who because there is no hanky panky in the TARDIS. But if it did, which it doesn't, then it would have happened on the ladder of the bunk beds. That's why they put the ladder there, after all.

Oral Sex Edit

Oral sex is when you put your mouth to a penis or vagina. It should not be confused with aural sex, which is when you shove your dick in someone's ear. This can cause hearing loss, so it is only attempted by the kinkiest individuals.

"But what about the nose, article writer? Surely if you can fuck someone in the pussy, ass, mouth and ears then you can also fuck them in the nose?"

No. To have nasal sex you would need to have a very small penis or a very big nose. From my (limited) experience people who have big noses and/or small penises tend to have very little sex drive.

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