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Storm Warning.

River Sex Storm

Sex Storm is a general descriptor, coined by RTD, for what would happen if the Twelfth Doctor and River Song were ever to come face-to-face. It is also rumoured to be the title of his next minisode.

Not to be confused with the time storm that swept Dorothée McShane to Iceworld, which was created by an ancient elder god of pure evil as part of his Rube Goldberg machine of destruction and slaughter. There are no further similarities.

The Oncoming StormEdit

Moffat was so swayed by Davies' idea that he proceeded to write it into the 2015 Christmas special. /who/ wasn't sure how to feel when it was announced, likely due to the waves of initial biostatic interference emanating backwards through time from the eye of the storm and affecting our genitalia. This also resulted in Sex Storm becoming an instant meme.

Apocryphal reports suggest that an instance of this meteorological phenomenon persisted for an unusual twenty-four years on the planet of Darillium, driving its tourism industry to ruin.

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Forecast Edit

River and 13

"So tell me, is everything rainbow-print?"

The future looks stormy.