>Ywn get a Shazar played by Robin Williams in the show ;_;

Shazar, who shows up in the 4th Doctor comic "Return of the Daleks" is a Time Lord renegade, like the Doctor, except he's immoral, untrustworthy, is stupid enough to trust the Daleks, and is, how to say, big-boned. (That means he's fat). So, nothing like the Doctor.

History Edit

Shazar was a power-hungry fool who tried to take over the Earth, years before the Mattress made it cool. For his insolence, the Time Lords sent him away from Jewel, which as we all know is the Time Lords' home planet, and left him trapped in a bottle on Earth. He could only be released from the bottle after it was vigorously stroked (one wonders what his owners were doing with the bottle to get him out the first time). Anyway, Shazar tries to trap Four and Sarah, and loan them to the Daleks. After hooking up Sarah to a mind-control tentacle machine, and pleading with the Time Lords that Four is the real traitor to the Daleks (which the Time Lords actually fall for somehow), Shazar is defeated when Four blows up the Daleks. The Time Lords leave him on a primitive planet, with a tiny TARDIS. Oddly, considering how absolutely addicted to old faces this franchise is, he hasn't come back yet, but who knows...

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