Classic Silurians.


Silurians never would.


Eleven chats up a Silurian.

Silurians are a species of meme that originated on Earth, along with the Human race. Like all monsters with a gap of more than five years between stories, they can't decide how the fuck they look or act. Watching the TARDIS Data Core bend over backwards trying to explain this is a source of great potential kek.

History Edit

Once Upon a Time, the Silurians lived with both Jurassic and Cretaceous dinosaurs and also with Miocene apes and and it was all OK because nobody had invented calendars yet. Seriously, it's fine, that's what Once Upon a Time means, but the Doctor is a little anal, so he's always trying to correct things by assigning them to a new era that makes even less sense, especially since the props always show things like a Carboniferous Era globe while he's talking about the Eocene Era. Eleven got past that whole thing by calling them Homo Reptilicus, which makes even less sense, because they're obviously not from the genus Homo, but they are Homosexual, so fine.

Anyway, the Silurians ruled the planet. They're smarter, faster, and stronger than humans, live for hundreds of years, and have kickass technology, plus maybe psychic powers, so why shouldn't they rule the planet?

Then, the Moon appeared, which happened more than 4 billion years ago or so but again, fuck it, it's The Past. They decided to hibernate underground until it went away, because the Moon is hella spooky.

Since the fucking Moon still won't go away, the Silurians are still hibernating. But every once in a while, some stupid humans wakes up a small group of Silurians by accident. Each time, they explain their history, almost go to war with humans, then end up making peace forever and ever, except nobody ever bothers to wake up the rest of the Silurians and tell them about the peace treaty (and nuke the Moon), so they get to go through it all over again next time. (Except in that one Mortimore novel Blood Heat where they won the war the first time, and the last humans are struggling to survive, and the Seventh Doctor shows up and steals the Third Doctor's TARDIS and considers leaving the humans to probably die but then decides fuck it, he'll just time ram the whole universe and kill everyone in it so he can go live on a better timeline.)

Also, somehow, the Silurians are sometimes seen out in space, chilling with Ice Warriors and all the other space minorities.

Sea Devils Edit

The Sea Devils have something to do with Silurians. They're kind of similar, but they live in the water and they're crap.

Notable Silurians Edit

Honorary Silurians Edit

Appearances Edit

And then whenever Gastra shows up, which is A Good Man Goes to War onwards.

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