Situation Vacant is the second play in the final season of Big Finish's We desperately want fans of NuWho to listen to our content so let's copy the RTD format range, and what better way to follow up the sombre and emotionally gutwrenching Death in Blackpool than with a corny and upbeat parody of The Apprentice?

Plot Edit

Four obviously mentally unstable people unironically enter a competition to become a time traveler's assistant. The Doctor assesses how they deal with a couple of extremely dangerous tasks that are treated rather flippantly, and makes a decision on whom he'll take as his new companion. All applicants turn out to be lying about their motives and identity (revealed to be either intergalactic pedos, or insane as originally expected) in a Scooby Doo-like fashion, with the Doctor being forced to choose the least offensive of the four, a failed porn actress in her late 80s known for being Lauren Cooper's best friend.

Trivia Edit

Featuring some guy off The Inbetweeners.

Reception Edit

It's decent. I enjoyed it more on a second listen.

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