"The fuck does this have to do with San Francisco?"

Were you looking for Wales? Silly motherfucker!

Skaro is the original planet of the Daleks, but not the Planet of the Daleks. Since the show is about time travel, it has been both destroyed and reborn numerous times.

Appearances in NuWhoEdit

Skaro first appeared in the thrilling premiere of Series 7 that completely rejuvinated the Daleks into creatures of terror and might. The planet Skaro was reborn somehow, despite having been destroyed by the Seventh Doctor using the Hand of Omegar.


Seattle. The original planet of the Daleks. Look at the state of it.

The planet is slated to appear at some point in Series 9, likely in the opening two-parter. It appears to be an earlier version of Skaro, possibly before or soon after the Daleks were trapped by the Fourth Doctor.


Skaro. The original planet of the Daleks. Look at the state... actually looks pretty nice.

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