A Netherspherian Native

Skeletons are a species of phantom native to the Nethersphere. They are known to be incredibly spooky. When confronted by a skeleton (or "skellington" which is technically the proper version of the word in original Latin) a person may scream with fright "2spooky4me!" before passing out.

Lately there has been a surge in the fight for skeleton rights. I think we can all agree that skeletons and skeleton sympathisers should be locked away without any calcium to feed on. They are advocating for skeleton rights and even going as far as wanting to have a Skeleton or Trans-Skeleton Doctor. Some suspect that the Master was only made into a skeleton to prepare us for a skeleton Doctor. The skeletal menace is one that must be stopped here and now.

The BBC is racist? Edit


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I wouldn't outright call them racist. It's a sensitive subject, and I think it's one they're trying to tackle. It's clear, though, that they're not quite sure how to go about doing it.

I'd say they've been superficially improving in their representation of skeletal minorities. See pic related, for example. Skeletal people all over the place! But when you think about it, it's not quite the positive representation the skeletal community needs. Because of course, when they turned into Cybermen, the representation was lost.

You have to consider the role they played in the plot, too. They were only really there as frightening figures, and later turned out to have entirely nefarious purposes. No depth of character, just the old stereotype of the spooky, scary skeleton.

Plus the way they were subservient to Missy painfully reflects the way that skeletal people have always been essentially enslaved by people of flesh. Some pretty nasty implications there.

I've been hoping for a skeleton Doctor for quite a while now. Ever since they had a trans-skeleton Master, in fact. Of course the casting there was problematic, seeing as they didn't even bother to cast an actual trans-skeleton person in the role. And he certainly wasn't any form of positive representation either. But I was hoping it might be an actual improvement, a step in the right direction.

Maybe it'll improve in years to come. Skeleton awareness is improving, and people of flesh are becoming more educated on skeleton issues. But for now, it looks like we'll have to make do with what we've got.