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Manlets, when will they learn?


For the glory of the Sontaran Empire!

Fifty Shades

Sontarans are a race of potato manlets who love war, glorious war. They were created by Bobby Holmes.

Background Edit

Sontarans are a clone species that always manage to look markedly different in every story. Central to their character is the fact that they are manlets, so they're always trying to fight everyone.

One of the only races that wasn't ruined after being brought back in NuWho, until they were.

Appearances Edit

First appeared in The Time Warrior (1973). A Sontaran was last seen hanging around in the background in Assault of the Benefactors (2015).

They also appear in the double-canon episode A Fix with Sontarans alongside Lord President Savile.

Trivia Edit

  • Sontarans reproduce by cloning (aka. inbreeding) and are nearly identical to each other (apparently). 
  • Their main weakness is a glory hole on the back of their neck which if penetrated can stun or kill them.
  • Sontarans have an insatiable appetite for human female thorax.

The Doctor Edit

The Doctor has fought the Sontarans a bunch of times and has now enslaved one for comic relief.