Stephen Fry

His Grace His Holiness Lord President Dr. Baron Stephen "The Rapmaster" John Tiberius Augustus Fry OBE PHD Duke of Earl, Heavyweight Champion of the World (Based on the Novel "Push" by Sapphire) is a British writer, comedian, "actor", general, poet, panel show host, rector, heh, that sounds like rectum, "fellow", professional criminal, sodomite, dumb person's idea of what a smart person is like, writer, did I do writer, traveler, documentarian, I definitely did writer, so sorry about that mix-up back there, pederast, and activist. He has a contentious relationship with Doctor Who, but telling more would be spoiling the next segment.

Contentious Relationship with Doctor WhoEdit

Stephen Fry played the Minister of Chance in some really stupid shit that Ian Levine made, probably. I've listened to a bit of it and it's profoundly retarded. It was also released in 1999 yet is about the Seventh Doctor dying permanently and forever because he's so lame and the Minister of Chance is the fuckin' best character in the history of Doctor Who, or something.

Stephen Fry later wrote the script that eventually became the episode Fear Her, a statement that is totally true in fact and in no way significantly misrepresents an actual chain of events. Fry's notes on the script indicated he wanted the world of the Isolus to be rendered in loving, painstaking detail by the technical wizards at ILM. He further issued a statement to the press indicating he was aware of Russell "The" Davies's history of rewriting literally every writer except Steven Moffat who submitted a script, and that "Since I'm a Stephen too, I'm sure the old queen won't notice a thing." Davies did notice the trojan horse attempt, and promptly ordered an assassination on Steven, thus resulting in the tragic death of Peter Purves. Later attempts would likewise result in the demise of Steve Jobs, and the crippling of Stephen King.

Stephen Fry later >implied that Doctor Who was a show for kids, which mature and rational adult Steven Moffat railed against in his diary, saying that Fry was a "big fat queer" and "I hope he breaks his other stupid arm".

Where are they now?Edit

Stephen bangs a boy


Stephen Fry currently enjoys a career slowly going senile before the British public with his life partner Alan Davies on the most popular show on british television, QI. Stephen Fry remains a free man, despite marrying a 14 year old boy and continuing to use stolen credit cards to this very day.

It has recently been announced that at the end of Series M of QI, Fry will regenerate into a lesbian.

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