He's probably dead now.


It's a demanding role. Picture taken circa 2011.

Stephen "I write at a 5th grade level!" Thompson is a prostitute who Moffat keeps hiring for sexual favors. Thompson receives payment by being allowed to write one episode per season.

Background Edit

Thompson didn't receive payment last time because Moffat was too busy sticking it all up Peter Harness to notice and made the moon an egg as a result. Stephen was last seen crying in a dumpster while Capaldi pissed all over him. He deserved it.

Wait a minute, he wrote Time Heist? That episode was bretty good. Wait, co-wrote. Well, it may take some handholding, but there may still be hope for you yet.

Reception Edit

Could be worse. At least he doesn't try to be edgy like Seaweed.

List of Thompson episodes Edit

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