Steven gets told to fuck off.

Steven Tyler

Steven, seen here fighting Daleks with the power of Rock.

Steven Tyler was a rocker from the future with a 4 octave range who served as companion to the First Doctor. He was played by Peter Perved, who went on to let children play with his blue peter after giving up his role on the show.

Story Edit

Steven was a unique companion in many ways. Every time the TV show, novels, or audios try to invent a new companion with some unique twist, they realize that Steven already did that twist.

For instance, he stowed away on the TARDIS instead of being invited onboard. He never learned that the Doctor was an alien. He traveled with the Doctor without a female companion. His actor played a different character before playing Steven without the Moff making a big plot point out of it. He was able to stand Dodo Chaplet for days on end without slapping her.

Appearances Edit

Steven first appears in The Chase and disappears in The Savages. He later returned to do ear stories.

Reception Edit


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