Storm Warning is the 16th Doctor Who Big Finish audio play and the first starring the most beautiful Doctor. It involves a blimp, a pretty cool new companion, and some weird aliens.

Plot Edit


A better but not canon cover.

The Doctor saves another time ship from Vortisaurs, dinosaurs that live in the time vortex. But he's a clumsy goof and ends up crashing himself inside the R101, a giant blimp. On the same giant blimp, a girl named Charley is pretending to be a boy named Charlie to go on magical adventures. There's also an alien in a deep diving suit, a retired army dude, and a jackass spy. The actual mission of the blimp is to meet up with a UFO and trade the alien for super alien science. The Doctor is very excited about all this, because aliens.

I got bored of writing this, so someone else can finish it. Or maybe I'll come back to it later.

The important thing is it ends with the Doctor and Charley keeping a time traveling dinosaur as a pet in the TARDIS, after flying away from the smoking wreck of a crashed blimp on it's back, laughing above all the death and carnage.

The important thing is that it ends with Charley not dying. Because Time wanted Charley to die, and the Doctor screwed that up. This would cast a big shadow of shadowy foreshadowing over all of the subsequent stories, until Time had the last laugh on everyone by tricking Big Finish into doing Zagreus.

The important thing is that it ends with Charley naming their flying time dinosaur after Ramsay MacDonald, making this the only story in any medium to make fun of a politician who isn't Thatcher.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The BBC allowed Big Finish to use Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor as long as they agreed not to use the new copper Doctor Who logo or refer to it as "season 27". So Big Finish only used the copper logo by accident, and someone, who totally wasn't Gary Russell you guys, told everyone online that it was the start of season 27, because that's how classy they are.

People were excited, because this was the first time since 1989 that we got a new season featuring the current Doctor, with stories that could go anywhere instead of having to slot into the gaps between existing stories. Except that there was no picture, just sound. And it didn't come free with your TV license, you had to find out about it by word of mouth and then send money through the post to get a CD. And the BBC novels had already been doing new stories with the current Doctor that could go anywhere. And these new audio stories actually had to fit between the first two of those novels, so they weren't really "current" or "open-ended" anyway. But still, it was cool.