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Flying McCoy

McCoy flying home.

Sylvester McCoy

Time's champion.

Moff on Sly

Moffat knows best.


McCoy gets mad pussy.

R.L. Shtein

>mfw I just took a very satisfying shit

Sylvester McCoy + friends

Multiple Academy-Award winning Sir Sylvester 'The Real' McCoy (also known as Percy James Patrick Kent-Smith) is a Scottish actor and bag of ridged crisps who played the awesome Seventh Doctor from 1987 - 1989, before the death of the Queen Mother. He currently works as a door-to-door carpet salesman and spends his free time watching swans procreate.

Doctor Who Edit

Played Seven from Time and the Rani until Survival. Came back for the 1993 charity special Dimensions in Time and again in 1996 appearing at the beginning of the TV Movie before regenerating into Paul McGann. Has frequently returned to the role for Big Finish since 1999, most notably in the GOAT play Mattress. The canonicity of most of this is questionable though, considering that he also returned for an edgy audio where he was killed off and didn't regenerate, RIP.

The manlet, the myth, the legend Edit

Sly McCoy is a manlet Scotch wizard known mostly for his work on kids TV before Doctor Who.

Oh, and he's in The Hobbit you know. He was also up for the role of Bilbo in Lord of the Rings before Ian Holm said yes.

Also appeared in The Five(ish) Doctors.

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