The effort put into this picture parallels the effort put into the shorts themselves.

Tardisodes- 0100:43

Tardisodes- 01.New Earth

The one for New Earth. If for some reason you're even slightly curious about the others, you can probably find them in the related videos.

Kek. Remember this shit?

Description Edit

A series of 13 one-minute shorts preceding the events of every episode in Series 2 (basically like the billions of prequels of Matt Smith's stories except far worse). If you thought the NuWho episodes themselves were too fast faced and shallow, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Most of them involve characters whom we never see in the actual stories, and they all end with a lame jumpscare shot and/or a POV shot of the monster of the week lunging at its victim.

Trivia Edit

Gareth Roberts wrote these. I know, I'm shocked too.

Reception Edit

The ones for Tooth and Claw, The Age of Steel, School Reunion and Doomsday are somewhat decent, barring the nonsensical villain appearances at the end of the latter two. Most of the others are pretty crappy, especially the Army of Ghosts one (I've never seen a more poorly paced Doctor Who production in my life). And WTF is with that Fear Her one?

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