TBA in use on the Briggs Finish website, along with its cousin "TBC".

You just clicked on "TBA". What did you expect to find here? We don't even know what the episode is called yet. That's what "TBA" means.

Here's what we can be sure of:

  • Will have a title.
  • Around 45-ish minutes long.
  • TARDIS Data Core will have an article for every bit part character and the actor who plays them.
  • At least 9 memes, at least 8 of them forced memes that quickly die out.
  • Plot elements from Lawrence Miles books.
  • GOAT, and also perfect argument for Moffat Out.
  • Will show why the next Doctor had better be a woman and had better not be a woman.
  • Not canon, because now that Capaldi has announced he's quitting, only the Briggs Doctor is canon. And not the remastered versions of the Audio Visuals, only the original 80s versions. Good luck finding them, otherwise all you've got is that one panel from a DWM strip to prove you're a real fan.