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8 + Companions

Party time.


Eight's shiny new TARDIS.

The 1996 TV movie starred Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor and Eric Roberts as the Terminator.

Also featured Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor and new characters Grace Holloway and Chang Lee.

Story Edit

The 7th Doctor lands the TARDIS and is kill by Azn gangbangers then turns into Eight complete with scenes from Frankenstein (included dialogue: "It's aliiiive!" Not included dialogue in bold text: "In the name of God! Now I know what it feels like to be God!" This was broadcast on Fox after all, of course they'd want to revert to censorship from the 1930s, just like the want to revert to everything from the 1930s, except for Roosevelt shit), then meets a lady doctor because get it? He kisses her OMG, which made a lot of people except Rustled Davies mad. The Mattress was kill by the off-screen Daleks for some reason and who speak with wind-up mice voices and comes back as an sentient puddle of jizz and then a jizz-snake and turns an ambulance driver into a zombie-jerk Master who dresses like either the Terminator or Ming The Merciless (and can spit out jizz from his mouth, christ Davies must have loved this) which he's not and discovers the Doctor is half human which he's not (but that doesn't matter cos it made a lot fans very angry anyway and tries to steal the Eye of Harmony at the center of the Doctor's TARDIS which it's not. And it's all a bit rubbish if you ask me. Eight was later redeemed as "a decent Doctor" in all the audios, or so I'm told.

At one point, the Master says "Yes Way" which is hilarious.

Production Edit

Some kind of confusing joint American/Canadian/British production with many elements of uncertain canonicity mostly cos it was fanwank. Half-human Doctor my arse. Anyway it was the first attempt to relaunch Doctor Who onscreen since the 1989 cancellation and was meant to be the pilot episode of an ongoing series.

The TV Movie would later be adapted into a Series 5 story called The Eleventh Hour, in which the Doctor appears for a single night in 1996 and changes the life of a young child. That child later grew up to be a stripper who cuckolds her husband.

Reception Edit

The US ratings were pretty crap and a series was not picked up (thank fuck, we'd have had punk-pirate Cybermen and transforming robo-spider Daleks) leaving the Eighth Doctor stories to be told mostly in audios, books, comics and Paul McGann's despair-soaked basement videos - at least until The Night of the Doctor.

So better than poor Colin, at least.

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