Tamsin Drew is... err, was... a brief companion of the Eighth Doctor in the Eighth Doctor Adventures (the audio ones). She was a failed actress presumably from present day Earth, who applied to be a time traveler with the utmost sincerity after seeing an ad in the newspaper for it... no, really. She lasted onboard the TARDIS for about double the amount of stories that Adam did.

Character history Edit

She is a prime example of a character who starts out kinda shit, but by the end of her run actually turns out to be pretty decent. For her first two stories, she has pretty much no personality. In her third, she seems to be the comic relief of the story - getting drenched, covered in chalk, falling into a shit ditch and plummeting 50 feet down a trapdoor. So far, you might just think she's Big Finish's equivalent of Dodo - a total dunce who's fun to watch fuck up. Given that Big Finish were trying to combine a lot of concepts from the First Doctor's run with the Fourth Doctor's run to tell Eighth Doctor stories, this might have been the idea.

In her penultimate story though, she actually undergoes decent character development - she gets frustrated at the Doctor due to his reluctance to save thousands of people purely because it would mean he would have to kill one. She then gets picked up by the Meddiddling Monk, who shows her a populated planet getting ravaged by Ice Warriors because the Doctor refused to let them have Mars back. The Doctor explains that he couldn't thwart this attack because it's a fixed moment in time, and Tamsin responds by dumping him and becoming the Monk's kinky sex slave.

The two of them end up working for the Daleks in an attempt to make a sequel to The Dalek Invasion of Earth (not a remake), though the Monk keeps Tamsin onboard by buying her bling and keeping her in the dark about his involvement with the Daleks' plans. Once she finds out, her loyalty returns to the Doctor, but then the Daleks 360 noscope her bitchpussy to death. The Monk is so triggered by this that he tries to prevent her death by going back in time and attempting to write the Doctor out of history, by swapping his incarnations around with different companions and trying to get him to fuck up, but he fails because he's a scrublord.

Trivia Edit

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