Stronk womyn

One of these is probably Tasha Lem.

Tasha Lem was a symbolic stand-in for every sassy or domineering lady the Eleventh Doctor had ever encountered, created by Steven Moffat in his impressionistic attempt to encapsulate 3.5 years of television within 60 minutes. Like much of the episode, it is possible that she was just a hallucination.

  • Wants to fug the Doctor, like Amy and River and probably a lot of off-screen ones.
  • Fighting the psychopath inside herself, like River.
  • Dies and gets revived, like pretty much all of them.
  • Is a religious leader, like, er, Madame Kovarian?
  • Gets Dalekified at one point, like Oswin but less so.
  • Can fly the TARDIS, like River.
  • Was in a lesbian marriage at one point (apparently Moffat said it in DWM 473, and it was with Kovarian? Sexy), like Vastra.
  • Slaps the Doctor, again like literally all of them.
  • EXTRA-CANONICAL BONUS: She likes being naked, like Irene Adler.

Expect Big Finish to get her at some point.

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