— Migraine Jovanka

Tegan Jervankar (played by Janet Fielding) was totally a genuine Australian feminist who had to get back to Heathrow and wouldn't stop fucking whining about it until she was put in her place by the Mattress.

Appearances Edit

Tegan first appeared in 1981's Logopolis alongside the Fourth Doctor and was a companion to the Fifth Doctor until 1984's Resurrection of the Daleks.

Made a one off audio appearance in 2006, then became a proper slave to Briggs in 2010.

Character Edit

Gets left behind at the end of Time-Flight but rejoins the Doctor in the next story Arc of Infinity. Damn. Actually she's alright in a few stories like Kinda if you get past the bizarre not-very-Australian accent and whining.

Departure Edit

At the end of Resurrection of the Daleks she's so upset by all the arse-melting, vagrant-raping, rectum-probing, Dalek-raping action and insanely high body count that she can't handle it anymore. She seems genuinely traumatized and shocked by what she's been through. "It's stopped being fun," she says, "I'm sick of it." And then she runs off, while the Doctor begs her not to leave like this.

And of course The Doctor fucks off in the TARDIS just as she comes running back. Poetry.

Trivia Edit

  • Her Aunt Vanessa said, when she became an air stewardess, that if she stopped enjoying it, she should give it up.
  • Tegan appeared to Fivey as a hallucination when he was regenerenerating, reminding him to not be such a pusscake at the end of that one story where he was badass.
  • "I once spent a long time trying to get a gobby Australian to Heathrow Airport." - The Eleventh Doctor reminiscing about Tegan blowing him. Season 19 Fivey knew how to party.
  • She had the most GOAT legs of any companion, probably.
  • She starred in "A Fix With Sontarans" alongside the new, forgotten doctor, portrayed by Jimmy Savile.

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