Terrance Dicks

"Wogew Dewgado was a beautifuw man, and I wawewy say that on camewa. I just wish he could have seen Pewtwee off, and maybe appeawed in Wobot."


Another lost classic.

Steven Moffat + Terrance Dicks

Tewwance "Uncle Terry" Timedicks is a writer for Doctor Whore and became script editor from 1968 to 1974.

He invented or co-invented the Tim Lords, the Mattress, the Death Zone of Death, and basically all the other Gallifreyan stuff that wasn't invented by Robert Holmes.

He eventually got sick of doing silly science fantasy and went off with Barry Letts to do a serious hard sci-fi series called Moonbase 3, then decided that was grim and boring and came back to try to license Doctor Who in audio form with Tom Baker (like Tom Baker would ever do audios) and eventually ended up submitting scripts to his replacements.

Books and audios Edit

He has also adapted several billion of the televised stories into Target novelisations among many Doctor Who books including some VNAs and EDAs. Has also written some Doctor Who Audios, plus the Reeltime spinoff movie Shakedown.

Was chummy with producer Barry Letts and fellow writers Mac Hulke and Robert Holmes.

Televised Stories written by Terrance Edit

Doctor Who Live! Edit

Also wrote two Doctor Who stage plays:

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