Terry Nation

Terry Nation was a cack-handed crack-smoking hack who wrote for the long-running science-fantasy show Doctor Who.

Background Edit

He is best known for making up the word "Dalek", coasting off the work of Raymond Cusick for the rest of his life, and using his copyright ownership of the Daleks to keep writing his one story over and over.

Stories Edit

Wrote quite a few stories during the classic era including:

A lot of "Of the Daleks" ones.

Outside Doctor Who Edit

Before Doctor Who, Terry mostly wrote jokes for sketch comedies. After Doctor Who, Terry wrote nothing but stories about post-apocalyptic stories or dystopian futures. I'm not saying Doctor Who destroyed the man, but Doctor Who destroyed the man.

After finishing off the Daleks for good in Doctor Who with Master Plan, Terry pitched a spinoff to the BBC about Sara Kingdom vs. the Daleks. Then he pitched a show to the American networks that was the same thing except the good guys had American accents and bigger boobs. Then a cartoon version of the Daleks comic strip. Then the first one again. By the mid 70's, the most fun you could have as a TV exec was to snort some coke off the naked body of a wannabe actress and then call Terry Nation in to pitch his show, pretending you'd never heard of it before, and then suggest, "Sounds great, but what if we got rid of those Darling robot things and had some scary bad guys instead?" Finally, he gave up and brought the Daleks back to Doctor Who, and after Genesis, people started paying attention to him again.

The first new show he created was Survivors, which was The Walking Dead without zombies, but more depressing. Terry got fired from his own show, so he went back to Doctor Who again. Next came Blakes 7, the opposite of Star Trek. Terry basically fired himself from this one, and decided to go to America.

After he pitched a number of shows even more depressing than Survivors to ABC, they felt sorry for him and got him a job as a staff writer on a new show called MacGyver, where he wrote the pre-credits scenes for a bunch of episodes before getting fired a year before the show became popular.

Later life Edit

He then spent the rest of his life licensing Daleks toys and suing people over them, but he always dreamed of creating a new show. A show so depressing that all life in the universe would commit suicide. Yes. Yes. To hold in his hand a script that contains such power, to know that life and death on such a scale was his choice. To know that the tiny pressure on his thumb, enough to hit the print button, would end everything. Yes, he would do it! That power would set him up above the gods!