Chief Caretaker

The Chief Caretaker was the first victor of the /who/nger Games.

Who's fate

/who/ kills itself almost immediately.

Martha's Ass

You can't make this stuff up.


No limits...

Adric's Dead Body

None came.

Danny kills who

Splink's revenge.

Coked up Smith

Absolute canon.

Rekt rose


Don't pirate BF


The /who/nger Games is a tournament that pits memes up against each other in order to determine which one is the dankest of them all.

Whoever hosts the games, however, is soon inflicted with intense depression because the RNG has been shit for the past couple of games. The depression of the host is so strong that it becomes contagious and makes everyone very sad.

Background Edit

In true gladiatoral spirit the /who/nger games is a battle to the death, the memes must fight well or else die well. However certain memes struggle with dying well - begging others to kill them or injuring themselves repeatedly, leading to hilarity.

Fallen memes have been known to return in later games seeking vengeance, eg. Funk Mofferino returned as the fiery Funk Moffinferno and Adric's dead body returned as a decomposed zombie.

Victors Edit

The victor is automatically promoted to epic meme status and is confirmed canon.

  1. The Chief Caretaker
  2. The Bald Master
  3. Mark Cuban
  4. Hindle
  5. Melanon
  6. farting Donna
  7. Gareth Roberts
  8. Grandmother Paradox
  9. Daymond John
  10. Fake Imposter Gimp
  11. Masterbait
  12. Canon Doctor
  13. Marigold

    Leaked 2017 Xmas special plot

  14. The Next Showrunner
  15. le what autism
  16. The thirteenth Doctor
  17. Best Companion
  18. The Deathly Floor
  19. Jolly Nine
  20. The Pedophile Doctor
  21. Not so Unkillable QUEEN
  22. Tumblr
  23. Zygon cocks
  24. Swiggity swooty Booty
  25. Hindle(season 1 winner)
  26. Barrowman Spam Aisle
  27. Nude Wiles
  28. The Eraser
  29. Sodding Time Vortex Baker
  30. Bill's Gaping Mouth
  31. Big Guy Bill
  32. Easter Bunny Time Lord
  33. Trig Point
  34. She even hates children

Placings for each game Edit


Archive Edit

Season 1Edit

1st /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

2nd /who/nger games (reaping) (start) (cont.)

3rd /who/nger games (reaping) (start) (cont.)

4th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

5th /who/nger games (reaping) (start) (cont.)

6th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

7th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

8th /who/nger games (reaping) (start) (cont.)

9th /who/nger games (reaping) (start) (cont.)

10th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

11th /who/nger games (reaping) (start) (real start)

12th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

13th /who/nger games (reaping) (start) (cont.)

14th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

15th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

16th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

17th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

18th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

19th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

20th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

21st /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

22nd /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

23rd /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

24th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

25th /who/nger games (Season 1 Finale) (start)

Season 2Edit

26th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

27th /who/nger games (reaping) (start) (cont.)

28th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

29th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

30th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

31st /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

32nd /who/nger games (reaping started here, I think? I don't know this whole thread is one of the most autistic in /who/'s history, and that's saying something) (start)

33rd /who/nger games (reaping) (start) (cont.)

34th /who/nger games (reaping) (start)

Template for future games: here

Be sure to enable events in the options though.

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