"This was just a fluke right Russell? Back to the good scripts next filming?"

The Age of Steel

Ten escapes the Cybermen.


This is where the magic happens.

Age of Steel


Rose and pete tyler

"You mean you work in a shop? Your mother and I didn't raise you to be a shop girl, probably."

Lol cyberbrainfart

oops i just remembered i was a person before


No one cared who I was until I put on the mask made the Cybermen.

The Age of Steel is the sixth episode in Series 2. It stars a chav, her family, and some scottish idiot. It was directed by somebody we were pretty sure was already dead by this point.

Regurgitated plot-like substance Edit

Bluetooth will create Cybermen in order to save Stephen Hawking's life. The comparison to Davros is never spoken aloud, but it's heavily implied.

Speaking of, on a serious note, The Age of Actually A Titanium Alloy does have one of the few decent directorial decisions of the RTD era, in that the camera actually helps sell the depersonalizing horror of the Cybermen in a single shot: After Jackie Tyler gets cyberconverted, we see the Cyberman she's been turned into step out into a marching line of Cybermen. Between the motion of the camera and the huge number of CGI Cybermen, we quickly lose track of which Cyberman was Jackie Tyler, helping to sell the notion that they've truly destroyed her. BRAVO HARPER (good to say that again).

Anyways, Ricky's alternate universe self dies tragically of being unable to climb a chain link fence very quickly, so he decides to stay behind, resulting in one of the shortest companion tenures of the series, bordering on potential companion territory. Of course, he's not gone for long, but we didn't know that at the time.

Reception Edit

Its a Russell T. Davies does tons of rewrites written episode. Its shit.

It rips off Genesis of the Daleks, The Invasion, and Spare Parts, and in that order.

The Cybermen were retconned probably because back then, the idea of a twin planet of Earth within our Universe was considered scientificially impossible and the idea of an alternate reality was not (probably one of the only instances in which RTD cared about actual science). In a touch of hilarious irony, the most recent scientific updates have since proved the reverse to be the case. Oops.

The Cybus retcon was quietly phased out over the course of the show. According to Even Stevens, all Cybermen as of The Pandorica Opens are definitely from Mondas, regardless of what their chests say.