The Best Doctor

The Best Doctor.

The Best Doctor is my favorite Doctor. He was the Doctor right around the time I really started to get into the show. He's characterized by all his wonderful, doctor-y quirks, his wonderfully depicted relationship with his companion, and his distinct sense of fashion. He was played by the world's greatest actor.

The Best Doctor was, sadly, followed by The Worst Doctor, who was characterized by his stupid insufferable memes, the terribly forced fake-chemistry with his companion, and the way he dressed like a retard. If the show had more of the Best Doctor and less of the Worst Doctor, I'm sure it would be a ratings juggernaut beloved all over the world, instead of being the pale shadow of its former self it currently is. The Worst Doctor has a rubbish actor too, just to rub salt in the wounds.

Trivia Edit

The Best Doctor starred in the Golden Age.

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