Brig Mawdryn Undead

The Blinovitch Limitation Effect would be a cool name for a prog-rock band. Was it ever a band? Seems like something the KLF would have gone by. What were we talking about?

Phyctional PhysicsEdit

The Blimeyvitch Limitation Effect is a build up of energy when the same object at different points in its timeline come into proximity with each other. It doesn't count in Multi-Doctor stories. The effect is definitely Timey-Wimey. Before Fixed Points in Time, the Blinovitch Limitation Effect was the generic answer to "Why doesn't he just use the TARDIS to..."

The Blinovitch Limitation Effect was named after President Courtney Woods-Blinovitch, probably. Who the fuck knows.

Trivia Edit

The Blinovitch Limitation Effect was introduced in Day of the Daleks.

The Brigadier touches himself (kek) in Mawdryn Undead.

Rose touches herself (kek) in Father's Day.

Amy touches herself (kek) in The Big Bang (kek).