The Daleks is the 1963 second story of Season 1 of Doctor Wheeze. It was written by Terraforming and features the wild Bill Hilly as First Doctor, Rustle my jimmies as Ian, Jackie Chan as Barbara and Casserole as Susan.

Plot Edit

The Doctor and co. are trapped on the war torn planet of Skaro (a planet made exclusively of cardboard and painted murals) and become embroiled in a conflict between the Eloi and the Morlocks.

Trivia Edit

It introduced the enemies known as the Daleks to the show which would later become one of the show's most popular antagonists. Still not convinced anybody was ever scared by them though.

Reception Edit

Though the episode is heralded for being the first ever Dalek story, it has aged like milk. It is not a bad story, but it is padded as fuck, and the Daleks have not been well developed. They are not as fierce and as ruthless as they are in later stories and they sound as if they are on Ritalin . But if you enjoy 40 minutes of the Daleks learning about their own biology and Ian wandering through a poorly lit cave then this episode is your wet dream.

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