The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe was the regrettable Christmas Special of 2011.
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Doctor,Widow,Wardrobe Promo

Doctor Who Does Narnia: On Ice! is the series 7 Christmas special. Not that one, the one that came before it. The production codes of christmas specials don't make a lot of sense.

It barely features anybody, let alone in a starring role, though I think I saw Matt Smith briefly. He was probably the Doctor.


Get Off This Planet or whatever molests the hell out of some children (like it's not even funny), shows them a magical box that can take them anywhere: television. They go to one of the planets in the Androzani empire, where, surprise surprise, they're doing shady things with natural resources. We get it, Dune was popular, god. Some trees get all uppity, a woman unironically called "Madge" shows that having once heard about how Avro Lancasters were flown is enough to teach her how to drive an AT-AT and also a forest spaceship, and the day is saved by the power of vaginas.


The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe is notable in only one respect: The Doctor was calling himself the Caretaker. The woman's husband was rescued and dragged through time by the alien spacecraft, and there weren't actually any wardrobes in the entire special, so really the entire title was a lie. Bravo Moffat.

Also Androzani trees? What planet we're on is never explained, but I guess the empire of Androzani Major was harvesting Androzani trees on maybe but probably not Androzani Major? Fucking hell.


Literally forgotten as soon as the credits started rolling.

It's the excess of Moffat's creative lowpoint turned up to Christmas levels of cringe. See for yourself:

Reminder: This is what Doctor Who fans had to tide them over until September.

I know

I know.