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The Edgy Frenchman is an anon who elevated baiting to its highest form.

Screenshot-boards 4chan org 2016-02-19 22-43-36

A wild shitposter appears

Screenshot-boards 4chan org 2016-02-19 22-44-28
Ef3 the proper one not the shit one
Edgy gets named

Wait for it... wait for it...

Edgy frenchman


We sense a presence among us Edit

It was a quiet evening in February, 2016. The Frenchman's first posts were unremarkable - it looked like just another edgy guy being edgy. Little did we know.

As things escalated (and TEF claimed, among other things, to basically be Benedict Cumberbatch), it began to look a bit odd. Surely no one could be that edgy and French?

Analysis of the Bait Edit

If you read the first letter of each sentence in the last three paragraphs of the Edgy Frenchman's final post, it spells "This Is A Bait".

"This is a bait", when rendered as initials, is TIAB - "bait" spelled backwards.

The first letter of each individual paragraph reads TIB - this is bait.

We don't know how or why he did this, but it's jaw-dropping.

Episode 2 Edit

He pretended to be a guy who made a bunch of shitty memes and started an argument over whether or not /who/ was "dead"