The Faceless one is a tripfag. This article should probably end now. She is a black lesbian for Sri Lanka and one of the most annoying citizens of /who/.

Shortly after the great trip war she burst on the scene and unlike other trips who had the decency to get bored, get real jobs or die she has stayed on long after her welcome has been worn out.  She could best be described as the Ian Levine of /who/, she uploaded some audio recons of missing episodes a year ago and has been an annoying entitled cunt ever since.  Her favorite Doctor is Six so that should tell you something about what shit taste she has.

In February 7th, 2018, Lymerence hacked his tripcode and roleplayed as him, starting what became know as The Prankening. "Hacked" was that the tripcode was infact #who.

Background Edit

Little is know about her personal life because that means we would have to engage her. You can see our dilemma. All we do know is that it has to be pretty shitty because she frequently posts pictures of her cat Sicily which is really fucking sad. One assumes that her activities tend to include over eating, crying, masturbating and forcing a terrified cat to watch it all.

Ever since TomBakersGaintWang ascended to godhood from this reality, Faceless One has become an even bigger moody cunt. Some attribute this change of face to jealousy and pettiness.

If there is a positive to her she inspired a "Valleyard Trip" called Faceless Two. That guy is awesome. Really I should have made a article about him and put this dumb bitch in a footnote... too late now I guess.