Fires of Pompeii 1

The Doctor, watching leaked who.

Ten Kills Again

Ten kills again.

Who approves

/who/ approves.

Pompeii Burns

A man who never would.

Fires of Pompeii 5

The Doctor, reading production news on /who/.

Crazy Ten

This episode features multiple cameos of future main cast members: Amy Pond, the Twelfth Doctor, and Jazz Hands.

The Fires of Pompeii is the second episode of Series 4. It's written by James Moran and it stars The Capaldick and Karen Gillan before they were 12 and Amy.

Also features Phil Davis (Alien3, Sherlock) as Lucius Dextrus Petrus.

Plot Edit

Ten and Donna arrive in Pompeii one day before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Twelve immediately steals the TARDIS and while trying to get it back some soothsayers arrive and soothsay the shit out of everyone. The Doctor fights off some fire demon with a water pistol, Donna gets captured, they meet the Pyroviles, but eventually the Doc and Donna get bored and decide to trigger a volcanic eruption which destroys the entire town and slaughters thousands of innocent people. Ah, much better.

Reception Edit

Quite good. If Capaldi wasn't in it no one would remember it tbh.

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