The Gathering is an audio play by Lord Briggs' Sexy Productions of Sexiness. It stars Peter "heavily breathing" Davison as Fivey, and was notable as the first - and for a long time, only - appearance by Janet Fielding as Tegan the wanker since the Classic Series ended. 8687.

Plot Edit


Tegan's hair is suspicious.

Considering Doctor/companion reunion stories were all the rage in 2006, this was basically one of those except Tegan is dying from a brain tumor, and there's a woman with a River Song styled-relationship with the Doctor who seems to have PTSD from an event in her past that's still in his future, who wants to use Tegan and the Doctor in her plan of activating a mega medical computer of Cyber origin to cure her partially converted brother. Soooo yes, it's better than School Reunion.

Trivia Edit

Reception Edit

Really GOAT, but this is a Big Finish play so that goes without saying.

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