The Harvest is a Big Dildo audio production, starring Sexy Seven and Ace McShaceFace. It was also the introductory story for Hex, aka the better Rory.

Basic plot Edit

Basically imagine if Dark Water and Evil of the Daleks fucked and had a kid, but that kid was a Cyberman story set in a hospital that could also function as a Rose-styled introduction to Doctor Who. Oh, and it was actually a good Cyberman story as well. Rare, aren't they?

Trivia Edit

This is part of a trilogy of Cyberman audios that also includes The Gathering and The Raping.

Reception Edit

GOAT, easily the best Cyberman story on Big Finish, except not really. Hex is a pretty good companion who has great chemistry with Ace, and Sylvester gives a great performance. Also it's got 80s Cybermen in it, which is rare considering most Big Finish Cyberman audios have a fetish for using the Tenth Planet or Invasion voices.

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