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It's a snek. Beware of teh snek.

Appearances Edit

It appeared in in Kinda and Snakedance - two GOAT Peter Based-ison stories - and returned for an audio that I haven't heard.

Character Edit

It's the most evil creature in all of existence ever... y'know, just like the Master, the Daleks, Sutekh, the Beast, the Black Guardian, Fenric, Kronos, the Great Vampires, whatever the fuck the Hybrid was supposed to be...

Plot Edit

It took great pleasure from sliding deep inside Tegan after having roofied her.

Best ship in Who.

Also slid deep inside Fivey at one point along with Nyssa, Turlough (for like two seconds) and a bunch of people no one cares about.

This snek sure has slid into many people

Reception Edit

Pretty spooky, one of Classic Who's best monsters, right up there with the Mandrels.