The Murder Game is the second novel in the Past Doctor Adventures. Half Polly/Ben shipping, half wacky alien story, it's a pretty fun romp, and a good entry into the novels.

Characters Edit

Two - Spends half the book in a dress. Towards the end he's surprisingly heroic

Ben - Sorta wants to fuck Terri but not really

Polly - Damsel in distress + part-time shark killer

Hayes - Obligatory stoic space huntress

Terri - Wants Ben's dick hard for some reason. I think she was a runaway or something? I don't know, she's shit

Daphne - Terri's BFF who does approximately nothing

Hornby - Weirdo obsessed with murder roleplay. More of a damsel in distress than Polly

Mace - Only good original character. Brave, cunning, and very interesting. Duggan levels of GOAT

Matlock - The guy who dies first

Mrs Adler - [spoiler]she's the killer[/spoiler]

Mr Adler - Gets beaten by his wife, I think he dies towards the end

Melrose - The wiki lists him as a character but I do not fucking remember him

Thomas - Vampire robot hologram thing. Pretty cool

Selachians Edit

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The underground adaption of the Murder Game takes a few creative liberties, including turning Terri into a Selachian.

The Selachians are a race of fish who pretend to be sharks in order to scare people. Sounds shit, but it works. You probably know them from the Architects of History, where they destroy Nazi Germany and save the universe from the gas chambers. In this they show up once the author realized he couldn't fill an entire novel with Ben and Polly's sitcom, and so they storm into the hotel in search of the ultimate weapon or some shit. There's a lot of tense scenes, they're surprisingly good villains. If you like them, go read the Final Sanction, which I'll do soon, I promise.