The Sith Makers was the third story in the third season of Doka Ho and was the first story to not be produced by the original showruiner Verity Lambert... So essentially, it was the first in the 50+ year-long string of awful stories from fuckers who didn't understand the show as well.

It saw the departure of Vicki from the TARDIS because she fell in love with some Greek dude and decided to stay behind with him... in the middle of the bloody and violent Trojan War... and the Doctor's perfectly alright with this and is just like "K bye"... Oh, he also picks up the prostitute Katarina.

Reception Edit

Meh. It would probably be more enjoyable if it could actually be watched. It's a bit difficult to get into it when the first scene features a swordfight that cannot even be seen, BRAVO BBC. From what I could gather from the audio though it was played for the lulz similar to The Romans, which is always a plus.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Hartnell wasn't very happy during the filming of this story as his Aunt died during production and he wasn't allowed time off to attend her funeral. Welp, considering barely any footage of this story survives and none of it features Hartnell himself, it seems it was all for nothing. BRAVO AGAIN, BBC.

This was also apparently the behind the scenes reason why Vicki was written out, as Maureen O'Brien agreed with Hartnell's plight and John Wiles wanted as little opposition to his demands as possible, so he wrote her out. Maureen reportedly didn't even know she was leaving until reading the script. Once more, BRAVO BBC.

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