The Nazi Cancer

~ were you looking for Adolf Hitler?

hey moot, take 4chan offline for a few hours. The spammer is here again

Don't tell me, you thought I would stop? Just because you wrote a fake news?

>Retarded and/or aggressive shitposting
>Hard samefagging
>Poorly written posts
>Viral threads for Scarjo and her movies
>Trying to sound smart, although they have no clue. About anything
>Posts with the terms "enjoying", "it's fun", especially in a defensive manner
>Forced generals (/hor/, /cape/ etc.)
>Against every board culture, particularly lolis, cunny etc
>Responding to very old posts
>YIFY is good (usually against everything from each board)
>Generally, every stupid and/or aggressive post
>Destroyed /lbg/ and /swg/ threads

The new thing from the nazi cancer:

>Reddit: The movie
>Hating on memes in general
>Because muh Interstellar

If you see one or more of these points, then you can be almost sure that it's someone from the german forum Anipodium (according to the animation textboard, check that place). Don't let that subhuman trash go wild on /tv/ and other boards!

You nazis are now embarrassing yourself on other boards too? Quite something

>Samefagging so the other guy need to understand he is wrong
>Opinions aren't absolute, each one has his own
>But my opinion is correct, you're wrong and the game is a 7/10!
>YOU are mad!

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