We all get sick of the Daleks one time or another. Sure, they're the most popular monster and it'd be impossible to imagine the show without them, but sometimes you just want them to fuck off so another evil cyborg or robot race can wheel in. And because they're not Daleks, you don't have to pay Terry Nation's corpse a single dime!

The Suspects Edit

  • Mechonoids - Made by Terry, so they're the Dalek's bitchy little sisters. Look like Christmas ornaments, and only showed up in a couple audios after their debut story.
  • Trods - Comic monsters made because TV Comic couldn't afford the rights. They look even more like trash bins than their predecessors.
  • Chumblies - Peter Capaldi's favorite monster. Next to the Zarbi.
  • War Machines - What happens when you want to make a Dalek but you only have cardboard boxes.
  • Cybermen - The only one in this list to actually become popular, and they're still shit.
  • Krotons - They have salad tongs. Anyone who admits to liking the Krotons are either senile old men or senile Alien Bodies fans. Be advised.
  • Quarks - For fuck's sake, they're just filing cabinets. Even worse, the writers for them got mad and cut ties with the show because of merchandising rights over the Quarks. The fucking Quarks. Monsters that never got their own BBV spinoff or Briggs Finish audio. Those are the monsters you burn bridges with Doctor Who over.
  • The service robot from The Mysterious Planet - It's even in the same shape as a Dalek, like they were going to show up in this story, but checked out at the last minute and were replaced by a porn parody. Speaking of which.
  • Phaleks - Made because Terry Nation's ghost didn't want his precious creations humped by common sluts.
  • Council of Eight - Justin Richards really wanted to write an EDA book with the Daleks after John Peel ravaged them. But he couldn't get the rights. He was also too lazy to rewrite the rest of the book, so there's foreshadowing that never goes anywhere.
  • Red Rocket Rising Daleks - In-universe knockoff Daleks that Hayley Atwell made. The real Daleks showed up and killed them.
  • Toclafane - Shearman was told they weren't able to get the license to use the Daleks, but then they said he could just after he wrote half a dozen scripts with the Toclafane. Not wanting to throw away any ideas, RTD took them for Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords.

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