The Power of Three was the fourth episode of Series 7. Stars Meat Smeath, Kearen Gealen and Eaerther Dervill.


So fucking boring.

A shit load of cubes are put on Earth and the Doctor shows up. He decides to stay for some reason.

The government decides to let the mysterious indestructible space cubes be used by average citizens for door stoppers, paper holders and decoration. Nothing further is made of them.

The Doctor goes through withdrawal symptoms and crashes. This results in him kicking a ball, painting, fucking everything in sight, drinking and screaming at the television. He then finishes his crash and continues to stare at the cubes.

A year later nobody bothered to pick up these bloody cubes and the government ignores them. Rory's Dad starts filming the cubes to fill in the time since he has no life. Rory and Amy are amazed they made friends and are invited to parties. At a party the Doctor gets jealous and sends them on a mad adventure and returns a week later.

The cubes start fucking shit up. A laser hits the doctor, Rory's Dad suffers the trauma of his cube opening a closing. All the cubes stop and UNIT shows up. They are sent to some fucking place and shown other cubes that play loud music and other shit. Presumably Osgood found the one with a vibrate function and is absent.

They start counting down from 7. UNIT does jack and waits. The Doctor concludes the cubes were finding humanities weak spot and willingly locks himself in a room with a cube. He has a heart attack. Everyone does. (Don't ask how.) The hospital is flooded and then Rory's Dad fucking wanders into a portal to a space ship. The Doctor gets a defibrillator, starts his heart and then enters the ship.

Conclusion Edit

The Time Lord version of the fucking Boogie Man apparently is behind it all and starts talking some crazy shit while he and the Doctor converse in an unintelligible conversation. The boogie man is a hologram and goes away. (Who fucking made him?) The Doctor makes a second heart attack that saves everyone and most likely killed anyone who didn't already have a heart attack. The ship fucking explodes and he leaves with Amy and Rory and they all abandon their social lives.

Reception Edit

"Just promise you'll bring them back safe." - Ryan Williams

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