The Reaping comic preview

Cyber-Leader is savage af.

The Raping is an ear story by someone with a Big Dick. It featured Colin Pie Baking, NiCoca Cola as PeREEEEEEEE, 8687, 80s Cyberdudes and a reference to Spair Pahtz.

Plot Edit

Peri hears that her friends' dad got murdiddlyurdered and gets emotional because she probably rode his mustache once or something, so she goes home and discovers that her mother and friends hate her guts for abandoning them. Meanwhile, Mr Who goes investigating the murder and find out it was a Cyberdude, and there's this whole conspiracy that they're converting the dead in their graves that actually sounds really awesome but then turns out not to be true (so Moffuck went and made this idea true... and did absolutely nothing with it, but I digress.)

Turns out some Cyberfucker wants the Doka to go back through Earth's timeline and convert all humans, but the Doctor just drops him off on Mondas instead, where he meets the big-dicked alpha male Cybercommander Zheng.

Some chick's brother was severely wounded during the whole ordeal, so she drags him off into the events of The Gathering.

The Cyberdudes were stopped, the day was saved, 8687, and Peri decided to stay behind for a lil bit to catch up with her life...




...Then suddenly her mum dies in a brutal fiery explosion. No, really. The End!

Reception Edit

It's fairly morbid, but ya wish it had actually done that converting the dead thing, would've been so much better. 8687.